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Call us toll free: +39 02 2052 0658


Pan e nus, mangia de spus, goes the old Milanese saying -  Bread and nuts ….the food of love. And it was love of bread that prompted Filippo Lecardane to create a place where you can pass the time enjoying tasty things to eat and the company of fellow food lovers. He opened the first Pandenus in Via Tadino, a rare, quiet street in the otherwise frenetic Milan. Here the rush hours seem far away and you feel at home, thanks to the carefully studied design, fresh flowers, newspapers to read and quiet music. Slowly but surely Pandenus converted local residents and casual passers-by to the ranks of its faithful customers. A wide range of people from all walks of life, working hours and lifestyles. For Filippo this is what Pandenus is about: welcoming friends at any time and surprising them with constantly changing recipes in a convivial environment.


Pandenus soon became a Milanese fixture and the shop in Via Tadino was joined by three more. Every Pandenus has its own style, reflecting the local area and the needs of its clientele. Via Tadino is where all new recipes are experimented, Piazza Risorgimento has the most eclectic clientele, Largo La Foppa is for late night revellers and Via Melzi D'Eril is a standard port of call after a walk in Sempione park. All Pandenus outlets offer only fresh products, prepared on our own premises, where new recipes rub shoulders with time honoured traditional flavours. It is an article of faith for Pandenus and its customers that the ingredients are of the finest quality. Suppliers are chosen with special care and organic produce is given preference. 


Eating well means not just satisfying the taste buds and the stomach, but also avoiding processing and baking techniques that do not respect the balance of nature. For Pandenus it is not enough to ensure quality by choosing the best ingredients; it aims to do more in order to also offer products that are organic, gluten-free and suitable for vegans. Soon Pandenus will open its doors in London, hoping its mix of quality and atmosphere will find an equally receptive clientele. This is a project that excites us and we are working hard to make it a success. We'll let you know as soon as things roll.