at dawn

While the city is still asleep, our bakers are at work declining the recipes from the past in today’s exigences. Our bread has a slow leavening and we offer a large variety of breads, brown, walnuts, focaccia, 5 cereals


Our natural leavened brioches are the best way to start the day. But also cakes, fruits extracts, yogurt and granola parfait, together with the best coffee in town, from torrefazione Jamaica.


The all day menu offers at lunch a wide range of choices, from super tasty salads, vegan and healthy dishes, hamburgers, first courses and so on.. all made with fresh ingredients daily!


An accurate selection of wines, champagnes and very creative drinks made with mixology to cheer up the night from happy-hour time till late.

The Bistrot

The via Mercato Pandenus becomes at night a refined bistrot with a menu created by Enrico Bartolini, 5 star Michelin chef, which revisits traditional dishes in an international way.

The weekend Brunch

Beef and vegetarian hamburgers, smoked salmon, eggs on our bread are the protagonists of the weekend’s brunch.