Call us toll free: +39 02 2052 0658
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Call us toll free: +39 02 2052 0658


While the city sleeps, our bakers are already at work preparing the perfect combination between traditional recipes and the needs of today's changing food culture. Our bread leavens slowly, the dough is designed to produce both great flavour and lightness. We don't like repeating ourselves, we like to experiment: along with standard wholemeal, five cereal and walnut breads, we have a whole range of focaccia that appeals to our sense of innovation and, we hope, to your palate.



Even the most time-stressed, workaholic Milanese like to call in to Pandenus for breakfast. Our bakers take pride in the puff pastry in our croissants and brioches, for many an ideal breakfast to start the day. For those with a sweet tooth, our cakes make a great treat or help celebrate a special moment.



The weekday lunch is now only a short break in the working routine: all the more reason to make the most of it. Pandenus make delicious toasties and sandwiches, using the finest ingredients. If it's been a particularly tiring morning, oven fresh focaccia is just what you need to restore your vitality.



Pandenus bustles at all hours, but evenings are a special time. Our cellars have the right bottle for even the most discerning, accompanied by a whole range of snacks and starters from our bakery kitchens. The oven-fresh Pandenus long pizza is a real speciality, guaranteed to transform newcomers into stalwart clients.



The Pandenus dinner menu offers international recipes inspired by the authenticity of street food, combined with home-grown Made in Italy quality. It's difficult to choose between freshly-made pasta, our hamburgers or our seasonal vegetable soups. You're going to have to come back to try them all!


If you stay in Milan over the weekend you can travel the world of flavours with our menu inspired by the famous quarters of the world's great cities. Newspapers, good food, friends and carefully selected music: great reasons to drop by Pandenus.